2.4G RC Quadcopter with Li-poly Battery Ehang Ghost-S/CHOST-Basic

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2.4G RC Quadcopter with Li-poly Battery Ehang Ghost-S/CHOST-Basic


FG01965 PTZ Edition: http://www.focusgood.com/Smartphone-APP-Android-WIFI-Drone-Quadcopter-(PTZ-Edition)-With-camera-mount,-without-camera-Ehang-Ghost-MCHOST-Aerial_1171.html

FG01966 Aerial Edition: http://www.focusgood.com/Smartphone-App-Controlled-Drone-UAV-RTF-Ehang-Ghost-LCHOST-Aerial-Plus_1172.html

FG01967 DIY Edition: http://www.focusgood.com/Ghost-Drone-4-Axis-2.4G-Channel-Quadcopter-Drone-Ehang-Ghost-DIY_1173.html


2.4G RC Quadcopter with Li-poly Battery Ehang Ghost-S/CHOST-Basic


2.4G RC Quadcopter with Li-poly Battery
New arrival rc quadcopter
FLy stably and easy to control

Product Description
Main Features:
1. Point-to-point operation on map in Smartphone APP
2. One-tap routing. Real-time information includes flight distance, flight height, battery can be showed in APP
3. One tap takeoff, return and land in App
4. Communication distance: 1000m
5. Audio remind when battery is low
6. Auto-return once lost communication
7. Auto-follow mode

Diagonal Distance: 360mm
Drone Height: 100mm
Height with Landing Gears: 190mm
Flight Time: 13-28min
Drone Weight (without battery): 650g
Battery: XT60 connector 3-cell 11.1v 5.4Ah Lipo
Propeller : 8045 3-bladed reversible propeller
GPS: uBlox 6 parallely compacted compass
Motor: EH9812 & EH9812R reversible Motor
Gbox(communicator): 433mHZ 80mw Standard Bluetooth Communicator
Power Consumption: Flight control maximum power   5W (
Flight control rated power 1.5W (
Operating Environment Temperature: -15°C to +70°C
Operation: Smartphone operated
Hover Accuracy: vertical: ±0.5m   horizontal: ±0.5m
Wind Resistance: < 10.7m/s

Packaging & Shipping
1. Ghost                                       
2. Battery
3. 433mhz 80mw communication box


With 2.4Ghz controller, need to purchased optionally. Please advise if you would need the product come with remote controlled.