Smartphone App Controlled Drone UAV RTF Ehang Ghost-L/CHOST-Aerial Plus

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Smartphone App Controlled Drone UAV RTF Ehang Ghost-L/CHOST-Aerial Plus

FG01964 Standard Edition:
FG01965 PTZ Edition:,-without-camera-Ehang-Ghost-MCHOST-Aerial_1171.html
FG01967 DIY Edition:
Smartphone App Controlled Drone UAV RTF Ehang Ghost-L/CHOST-Aerial Plus 
1. iOS and Android app controlled
2. Point-to-point operation
3. 1km distance
4. AXIS Black Foam RC Quadcopter Drone With Camera
Product Description
Main Features:
1. Point-to-point operation on map in Smartphone APP
2. One-tap routing. Real-time information includes flight distance, flight height, battery can be showed in APP
3. One tap takeoff, return and land in App
4. Communication distance: 1000m
5. Audio remind when battery is low
6. Auto-return once lost communication
7. Auto-follow mode
Diagonal Distance: 360mm
Drone Height: 100mm
Drone Weight: 650g
Maximum Flight Distance: 1000m
Maximum Flight Height: 1000m
Maximum rotation angle: 360 °
Speed: 6-15m/sec
Flight Time: 18-23min
Charging Time: about 3 hours
Battery: xt60 connector 3-cell 11.1v 5.4Ah Lipo
Motor: EH9812 & EH9812R reversible Motor
GPS: Ublox 6 parallely compacted compass
Communication Method: 433mhz 80mw standard 2.4G channel communicator
Flight Control: Flight Control System
Hover Precision: ±2m(influenced by flying environment)
Wind Resistance: <10.7m/s
Operating Environment Temperature: -15°- +70°
Flight Control Maximum Power Rate: 5W(
Flight Control Rated Power: 1.5W(
Operation: Smartphone operated
Height with Landing gears: 190mm
Weight with Gimbal & Camera: 1000g
Gimbal: 2D Brushless Gimbal(operated with smartphone APP)
Camera: 1200pixel 1080P HD camera (Gopro compactible)
Packaging & Shipping
1. Ghost quadcopter(including propellers)
2. Screw x8
3. Screwdriver x1
4. Bundle ribbon x1
5. Gbox
6. G-box antenna
7. G-box charging cable
8. Battery
9. Battery charger
10. Battery charging cable x2
11. Landing gear x2
12. Gimbal
13. Camera
With 2.4Ghz controller, need to purchased optionally. Please advise if you would need the product come with remote controlled.