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If you send us an inquiry email and didn’t get our reply shortly, we can assure you we must didn’t get your email.

We have shopping cart option for your convenient to inquiry, just 3 quick easy steps, you will no need to write down the item number you are interested in one by one.

How to use:
-There is a logo as next to each item when you open the category page or detail product information.

-Simply click add to cart logo will get you to the inquiry bucket list. As below for example:

-It shows that the product you chose has been kept in the list, you can simple click go back to continue your view.

When you chose other product, just do the same thing, the item can join to the list.

-After you finished the choosing, just simply fill the quantity you would possibly purchase, basic info and send.

Although our webmaster check the inquiry bucket function frequently, to make sure we get your inquiry 100% and reply shortly, it will be highly appreciated if you could kindly send an simple remind email to: sales@focusgood.net | focusgood.net@gmail.com at the same time.

There is no minimum order quantity required to order from us except a few speical products.

It is still important to know your want/estimate quantity for each selected item, please kindly don't forget to advise your country and city so we can work out the shipping cost in the one email.

When you have no idea which item to chose/bring to your market, we will be glade to recommend some good selling products for your reference.

Our goal is to make sure you bring the right products and make the best possible profit in your market.

Thank you very much.